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Presleys Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Over 7 million people visit Branson, Missouri, each year and, with such a wide variety of things to do here, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors come to take in the natural beauty of the Ozarks, visit the exciting and varied attractions, and listen to some of the finest live entertainment in the country. However, Branson hasn’t always been the entertainment hotspot it is today. At its heart, Branson is really just a small town with roots deep in Ozarks history.

Tourism has long been a staple of the Branson economy, and one of the earliest tourist attractions was Marvel Cave. This Branson landmark first opened in 1894 and continues to operate today as part of Silver Dollar City. Table Rock Dam was completed in 1959, successfully creating Table Rock Lake, and brought lovers of the outdoors to Branson from parts far and wide. Highway 76 was just a little two-lane highway out in the middle of nowhere before the Presley family decided to build a theater there. Their forward thinking and smart business sense helped build Branson’s 76 Strip into one of the country’s leading tourist destinations.

Branson’s Presley family had long been famous in the Ozarks for the live music shows they put on in the caves near the Branson area and, in 1967, the family decided to come out of the caves and devote themselves to performing full-time. They bought land on Highway 76 and built a theater where they could perform their live shows. Soon, visitors began flocking to the Presleys’ theater to see their heartwarming country, bluegrass, and gospel performances. Before they knew it, other theaters started popping up all around them, and they never looked back. This year, Presleys’ Country Jubilee is celebrating their 50th anniversary on the Branson Strip!

The Presleys have appeared on numerous talk shows on major television networks all over the country. They also have a long-running show on the RFD-TV Network. The family has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Denver Post, and played a prominent role in the 1991 60 Minutes special that put Branson on the map. It seems like you can’t mention Branson without talking about the Presleys!

You can start things off at Presleys’ Country Jubilee by taking a spin around the theater’s historic lobby. Here, you’ll find scores of family pictures and memorabilia that tell the story of old Branson and the Presleys’ place as one of it’s most notable families. From there, you’ll make your way into the comfortable theater where, if you’re an hour early for the main show, you can take part in a gospel music singalong! It’s sure to put an uplifting song in your heart.

Presleys’ Country Jubilee is a real family affair with four generations of the family all performing together on the same stage. They put on a true variety show complete with heartfelt, personal stories, some of the best instrumentalists and singers Branson has to offer, and the outstanding country, gospel, and bluegrass music that made the family famous. Besides all that, the show features one of the most dynamic comedy duos in the business: Herkimer and Cecil! Played by real-life father and son team Gary and Eric Presley, these two will have you and your family rolling with laughter at their side-splitting antics.

On your next trip to the Ozarks, be sure to visit the show that has been entertaining Branson audiences for the past 50 years. Make your reservations for Presleys’ Country Jubilee today, and be a part of Branson history forever!